ELITE MOTORS vehicles come with a 10 year / 1,000,000 Km* Manufacturer Warranty (whichever comes first)


ELITE MOTORS vehicles come with a 5 years / 150,000 Km* Manufacturer Warranty (whichever comes first)


ELITE MOTORS offers you a 1 year / 20,000km* (whichever comes first) free service contract, which includes replacement of:

  1. Engine Oil and Filter
  2. Transmission Oil and Filter
  3. Air Filter
  4. Fuel Filter
  5. AC Filter
  6. Brake Fluid
  7. Multi-Point Inspection of Vehicle’s Components to Assure that Systems are Working Properly
chery warrenty


Your purchase of a new Chery represents an investment in quality and one that guarantees the very best in automotive “Beyond a Drive". Thanks to the exceptional reliability and construction of the new models in our Pro range, you can be confident that your new vehicle will be able to overcome any challenge it is presented with. And all with great style.

In fact, prior to the reliability and quality of our Chery new car range, we proudly offer a 6 year/200,000km*. This warranty demonstrates the confidence we have in our vehicles and provides you with the peace of mind needed to buy with the utmost confidence.


Our 5 years/150,000km* warranty provides you with the reassurance that, during the applicable period, you will be comprehensively protected against any unexpected repair costs. In fact, you will be able to drive confidently in the knowledge that you will be able to take advantage of free repairs at our authorized ELITE MOTORS service center if your vehicle suffer damage to key components and features. Simply contact us to learn more.

When bringing your vehicle to ELITE MOTORS service center for any necessary repair work under your warranty, you can benefit from several advantages, such as state-of-the-art workshops packed with all the necessary facilities to repair your vehicle, manufacturer-approved parts and accessories, and the services of a team of experienced and qualified Chery technicians. There will also be 12 months or 20,000km*, whichever comes first, guarantee on all purchased parts from ELITE MOTORS retail counter, meaning you can drive away with complete confidence


Of course, while the full warranty provides coverage for a range of components in your Chery car, there are exceptions.

Items affected by environmental damage, damage due to improper use, exposure, quick wearing and maintenance service, and parts are not covered in the scope of the vehicle warranty, such as air filter, spark plug, injection nozzle, fuse, drive belt, bulb, brushes of alternator and starter, brake pad (FRT, RR) and rotors, rubber part, clutch disc in case of manual transmission, oil, all filter elements lubricants, fluids and any other friction related components are not covered when replacement is due to wear and tear, but they are covered against manufacturing defects for the duration of the special warranty period.


Battery: The warranty covers the original battery that the vehicle was equipped by factory for a period of 12 months or 30,000 Km*, of service whichever comes first. Also, the battery of the remote key.

Shock Absorber: The warranty covers the shock absorber for 36 months or 60,000 km* whichever comes first from the original date of sale.

Exhaust System: The warranty covers the exhaust system and fuel injector for 24 months or 60,000 km* whichever comes first from the original date of sale.

Fuel Injector: The warranty covers the exhaust system and fuel injector for 36 months or 60,000 km* whichever comes first from the original date of sale.




SERVICE REPAIR / MAINTENANCE We offer you the best after-sales service. Our advisors and technicians are the ones who know your vehicle the best since they have the experience and are permanently trained under strict brand standards.

We also have special equipment and tools to keep your vehicle in perfect condition, guaranteeing excellent value for money. All this to guarantee a long and trouble-free life for your Chery.

Preventive maintenance is performed every 10,000 kilometers of travel or 6 months (whichever comes first). In these services, all the vital functions of the car are checked, such as brakes, filters, fluid levels and other internal and external components of the car.

The preventive maintenance service ensures the optimal performance of your vehicle, in addition to being an essential requirement in ELITE MOTORS to maintain its warranty.

In all the interventions, original and guaranteed spare parts are always used, as well as the latest generation tools, developed by the brand exclusively for your vehicle. This service is carried out by first-rate professionals who continuously receive specific training in all the systems of your vehicle, so that in this way you can enjoy your Chery with complete confidence.

Spare parts


SPARE PARTS Chery invested on its spare parts inventory while putting the adequacy of supplies on top of its priorities particularly of periodic maintenance parts, fast moving parts and collision panels in its depot. Utmost performance can only be achieved if all parts are perfectly matched to the requirements of the vehicle. Thus, Chery offers its genuine OEM parts.