The Tiggo 7 PRO MAX features a distinctive design and sporty styling, while the MAX symbolizes advanced technology and intelligent assistant features. Providing a comfortable interior with symmetrical and elegant front panels.

It has two integrated 12.3'' HD screens that ensure ergonomic operation .The central HD display with a resolution of 1920*720 allows for intuitive navigation control, vehicle settings, and extensive multimedia functionality.

Drivers can maintain focus on the road while enjoying maximum comfort with a seamless connection between the digital instrument panel and central multimedia screen and climate control display. The CHERY TIGGO 7 PRO MAX is powered by a 1.6-liter Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection engine with CVT25 transmission (197 hp).

Its turbocharger technology and DVVT dual valve timing ensure optimal performance and enhanced dynamics. Input torque of up to 280 Nm can be reliably handled by the CVT25 variator. This transmission achieves up to 93.5% efficiency and 7% fuel economy. Using a minimum octane rating of 92, the vehicle consumes 8.2 liters of gasoline in mixed mode, 10.8 liters in city mode, and 6.6 liters in suburban mode.

Chery International developed the T1X modular platform, which underpins the CHERY TIGGO 7 PRO MAX. With this platform, the vehicle's lower body structure is robust and resilient, with triple spars that efficiently absorb impact energy. There is also ample space for both front and rear seats, and its wide approach and exit angles allow the vehicle to be maneuvered more easily.


Chery ARRIZO 8 has finally arrived to Qatar

The Chery Arrizo 8, a mid-size sedan manufactured by Chery International, has recently made its debut in the Qatari market. This stylish and comfortable vehicle boasts a host of impressive features.



Under the hood, the Arrizo 8 is equipped with a 1.6 TGDI kunpeng Power four-cylinder engine, delivering excellent performance. Paired with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, this sedan offers a highly efficient driving experience, with a maximum power output of 145 kW and torque reaching up to 290 Nm(197Hp). Additionally, it boasts a remarkable fuel consumption rate of just 6.5 liters per 100 km.




The Arrizo 8 offers a range of luxurious features to enhance the driving experience. These include a spacious touchscreen infotainment system, a panoramic sunroof, plush leather seats, and automatic climate control. In terms of safety, the vehicle is equipped with advanced features like blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

In summary, the Chery Arrizo 8 is a well-appointed mid-size sedan that combines style, comfort, and advanced features. With its competitive pricing, it offers excellent value for money, representing the quality and craftsmanship expected from Chery International.


Best Sales & Best Branding Award

Chery International honored Elite Motors Corporation with two prestigious awards: Best Sales Award and Best Branding Award. At the Annual Dealers’ Ceremony held on the occasion of the Shanghai International Auto Show, the momentous occasion was accompanied by the esteemed presence of CEO of Elite Motors Qatar, Eng. Ahmed Al-Sebaei. The Sales Award was graciously accepted by Dr. Walid Mabrouk, Chery General Brand Manager, and Mr. Mohamed Amin Aouni, Marketing Manager. This recognition highlights Elite Motors' exceptional sales performance and their unwavering commitment to the Chery brand.







It is worth mentioning that the Annual Dealers’ Ceremony of Chery International, which was held at Chery International, was attended by distinguished guests from around the world, including Mr. Zhang Guibing, Chairman of Chery Group, and Mr. Yin Tongyue, CEO of Chery International. Approximately 1000 people attended the event, which included senior officials of Chery International along with members of Chery Dealers from all over the world.




Mr. Zhang Guibing has expressed his immense joy and appreciation for Elite Motors, as the official dealer of Chery vehicles in Qatar, for their extraordinary efforts. By achieving this recognition, Elite Motors demonstrates their commitment to providing the best customer experiences possible while upholding Chery's brand values of innovation and excellence.

The Best Sales Award and the Best Branding Award serve as testament to Elite Motors' exceptional performance in the automotive industry. Their unwavering commitment to surpassing customer expectations and fostering a strong brand image has positioned them as a leading force in Qatar's automotive market.

Elite Motors extends their gratitude to Chery International for the recognition and reaffirms their commitment to providing superior products and services to their valued customers. They look forward to continuing their fruitful partnership with Chery, bringing the best of automotive excellence to Qatar.



3 years or 60.000 km !!!!

Elite Motors announced its plans to develop the brand Chery in Qatar and confirming its leadership since the launch of the brand the leading Chinese company at the end of 2019, in which it started Chery has a journey of success crowned with many accomplishments.

As everyone who buys a Chery car will get peace of mind for a period of three years, during which Elite Motors provides repair and maintenance services, fit from bumper to bumper, Within the 3 years package or 60,000 km which are subject to the terms and conditions.


Shanghai International Auto

The Chery brand was able to grab the attention of visitors Shanghai International Auto Show in its 20th edition and that is through its pavilions inside the exhibition, which witnessed showcasing a number of concept cars and versions exclusive, which will soon reach the Qatari market.






The Chery brand has succeeded in engraving its name with merit and competition among the giants of the auto industry in the world since it was founded In 1997 in China with the aim of supporting the local economy, It has witnessed rapid expansion and growth, after its beginnings were modest, to become in a short period of time one of the largest automakers in the world. Under its approval on the strategies of innovation and technology, it was able to prove its efficiency through its presence in more than 80 country around the world and Chery is the first Chinese company it exports its cars abroad.







Therefore, it was not surprising that its pavilion was crowded with visitors from her fans from various international markets after the increase of others preceded by sales, led by the Qatari market Where Chery Qatar won two awards for the best marketing And sales for 2022, as well as future expansions and visions  Elite Motors Company already has an existing one, which will be witnessed the last quarter of this year introduced the number of models the new car from Chery and Omoda is the future of the car which will open its own showroom .








Elegance makes excellence,New luxury sedan ARRIZO8 is coming to qatar !!!!

… a luxury version with a different grille and gold-colored trim. The headlights are nicely done with LED daytime running lights on top with the main headlights underneath. The light units are connected by a strip with the Chery badge in the middle.





Receiving High Praise from Basketball Team after Winning the Grand Prize, OMODA 5 Gains the Most Popularity

Recently, OMODA 5 has won the "Best Mid-sized Crossover Vehicle", according to the annual vehicle selection held by Autoshow TV of Mexico, and obtained the 2022 Auto Award by virtue of its outstanding strength, becoming the biggest winner at this ceremony. In the meanwhile, on the other side of the world, OMODA 5 has obtained the "Best Science and Technology SUV Award" issued by Qatar Automobile Association, which is one of the numerous awards OMODA 5 has won.




ARRIZO 6 PRO Ranking NO.1

 Two Vehicles of Chery Shine in J.D. Power


 According to the 2022 Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout (APEAL) Study published by J.D. Power, an international authoritative quality assessment agency, the #ARRIZO6PRO ranked first in the 2022 APEAL for medium-sized cars due to its brilliant appearance, intelligent driving system, and excellent power performance. CHERY is dedicated to the advancement of product quality and technology, with the goal of providing more attractive automative products across the globe.

arrizo 6 pro n1n2



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