Chery's New CROSSOVER SUV OMODA 5 World Debut

Chery's New CROSSOVER SUV OMODA 5 World Debut


Chery Automobile released its new generation of design concept Art in Motion at Auto Guangzhou 2021. Also, OMODA 5, the first Chery crossover SUV involving Art in Motion was unveiled. It is compatible with gasoline power and new energy power systems with two-wheel and four-wheel drive modes, meets the global five-star safety standards in multi regions and is equipped with leading automatic driving technology. In addition, under the new design concept, the extremely smooth lines give the body an extremely low drag coefficient, extending dynamism from vision to a full sensory driving experience. Significantly, OMODA implies a new design trend. Together with global urban elites, the new crossover SUV OMODA 5 will create a new life trend, and a full sensory and dynamic experience with fashion and technology.






Chery's new design concept Art in Motion combines cutting-edge technology with dynamic styling changes, creating an impactful and dynamic appearance based on a balance of light and shadow. The borderless front design of OMODA 5 which matches the diamond matrix grille expresses the full visual tension, while smartly considering a refined sense of style. The smooth and powerful lines extend from the A-pillar to the rear of the car. Together with the avant-garde double progressive rear wing, OMODA 5 presents the art of dynamics and airflow.







OMODA 5 features color-blocking on the exterior and interior. The split headlights, the T-shaped LED daytime running lights and the urban-like flowing LED taillights further enhance the distinctive recognition of the front. Moreover, the 18-inch contrast color sports wheels show a trendy style and aesthetics. The interior, equipped with dual 10.25-inch HD curved screen and the integrated sports seats, highlights the pursuit of a sense of future and technology.







Previously, the spy shots for OMODA 5 successfully attracted a lot of attention from consumers worldwide. As the first model of the new Art in Motion design concept, OMODA5 will be an important model that Chery will introduce to the global market next year, when it is launched in Asia, South America, Australia, Africa, and Europe.


Chery Tiggo 7 Pro awarded Qatar's Best-Selling SUV of The Year

In late December, the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro was named Qatar's best-selling SUV of the year at the Qatar 2021 QATAR CAR OF THE YEAR awards ceremony.

The 2021 QATAR CAR OF THE YEAR (QCOTY21) is an annual automotive competition organized by Maqina professional automotive platform in conjunction with various automotive media outlets. 

Maqina is an authority in Qatar specializing in automotive reviews and communications with a reach across the Middle East region. Other brands that won awards include the best SUV - Land Rover Defender and the best performance SUV

- Jaguar F-Pace SVR.

tiggo 7


Since its launch in Qatar in April, the Chery Tiggo7 Pro had been favoured by the majority of users with its stylish appearance and technological configuration and saw the sustainable growth of monthly sales. 

In October, it achieved first place in the segment market sales. In addition to the excellent product power, Chery also strived to provide an open, free and sincere communication platform for every car owner in Qatar, so that users and the brand can be truly close. 

In Qatar, Chery has established the owners' club for each main selling model such as Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro and created wonderful owners' activities with the theme of WITH CHERY WITH LOVE. In this regard, more Chery owners in Qatar can personally experience the nature of the brand. 

The attention to customer care and strong model competitiveness helped Chery's sales grow at a high rate and a 3.5% increase in market share, ranking ninth among car brands in Qatar.

WCWL offline activities for car owners


As one of the Chery Pro-Family series models, Tiggo 7 Pro is characterized by personalized fashion design, humanized rich technology configuration, and a comprehensive safe and comfortable driving experience. 

In addition, it adopts the new Pro-Family series design language, the diamond front grille with matrix LED intelligent headlights, highlights atmosphere and fashion in appearance. 

Tiggo 7 Pro is equipped with advanced technology configuration beyond its class, such as a 10.25-inch entertainment screen, 360 HD panoramic video, mobile phone wireless charging, inductive power tailgate and other features, saving and caring. 

tiggo 7


In terms of safety, the Tiggo 7 Pro has a class-leading technology configuration. In terms of safety, the Tiggo 7 Pro has class-leading air quality, a high-strength body, 6 airbags and Bosch ESP9.3 as standard equipment, which ensures the safety and comfort of the driver.

In the future, Chery will continue to launch other Pro series models in Qatar and the Middle East to present more consumers with a quality driving experience.



Soon in Qatar! Chery New Tiggo 8 Pro Max 4WD

The new Tiggo8 Pro models will be launched in Qatar with 2.0T GDI engines (255hp). This will bring new power to the market.

As an automobile enterprise that has always been known for its "technical" characteristics, Chery has gained the trust of over 9.8 million users globally. With the continuous development of its R&D and manufacturing facilities, it has been able to provide reliable and high-quality engines for over 20 years.



Chery 2.0T GDI Engine

After going through strict evaluation by the jury, the 2.0T GDI engine of Chery was selected as the winner of the "China Heart" Top Ten Engine Award 2021. This is the second consecutive year that the engine has won this prestigious award.

The China Heart Top Ten Engines Award is one of the world's most prestigious engine awards. It is bestowed upon the top 10 engines of China's automobile companies, and it is mainly focused on recognizing the country's top engine R&D capability and market performance.

The 2.0T GDI engine is equipped with the second generation i-HEC combustion system, which is capable of achieving a maximum power of 192 kW and a peak torque of 400 Nm. It is also capable of achieving a thermal efficiency of 41%.

On the basis of deep accumulation of fuel power technology, Chery also released "Chery 4.0 Full-field Power Architecture", which includes various energy forms such as fuel, hybrid power, pure electric and hydrogen power, meeting all travel scenarios of users.


Chery's Export Volume in the First Half of the Year Exceeds that of Last Year

Recently, Chery released its sales data for the first half of the year. In June, Chery sold 73,098 vehicles, a year-on-year growth of 58.3%, continuing to maintain the rapid growth trend this year. From January to June, Chery has sold 424,457 vehicles, a year-on-year growth of 80.4%.
In overseas markets, the sales of Chery’s products has doubled or even quadrupled almost every month this year. From January to June, Chery exported a total of 118,743 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 168.4%, exceeding the export volume of 114,000 vehicles last year and hitting a new record. Since February, the overseas export volume has achieved an "aggressive" year-on-year growth rate of 117.3%, 101.9%, 312.5%, 256.5% and 243.2%.


Chery has been awarded Russia's "Most Popular Chinese Automobile Brand" for five times

Recently, Chery won the title of "Most Popular Chinese Automobile Brand" with an absolute advantage
in the Russian Automobile Annual Ceremony of 2021; meanwhile, the TIGGO 8 Pro, which has only been
on the market for three months, has also been voted the "Most Popular Chinese SUV".


Chery Qatar launches the All New Tiggo 8 Pro in Qatar

Tiggo 8 Pro is the top end SUV that has been awarded the China’s most popular SUV in 2021 after being
in the market for only 3 months.


Chery CVT25 Wins Top 10 Transmissions in the World

On March 27, the results of the 4th "Lopal Cup Top 10 Transmissions in the World” sponsored by CarBingo Academy are newly released.

After strict real vehicle tests and expert reviews, Chery CVT25 stands out from many shortlisted products, gets unanimous praise from the jury, and wins the title of "Top 10 Transmissions in the World".

This activity, sponsored by CarBingo Academy, is the only authoritative selection in the field of transmissions in the world. CVT25 getting shortlisted this time not only demonstrates Chery’s strong R&D strength, but also confirms the high-level drivability of Chery products.