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The Chery Tiggo5 is a machine made to impress. One of the best SUVs available in the Qatar, you’ll fall head over heels with its dynamic design, thoughtful interiors and power-packed performance. Zip it around the city or test its abilities on the roads less travelled, rest assured of a drive that is nothing short of pure ecstasy

Fashion, Sporty, Glowing
Connected Intelligence, Trendy High Technology
Meticulous Safety Caring

Super-efficient power, outstanding performance


“X” type family wide front face

Several sharp lines outline a swift “X” type family wide front face, bringing about astonishing visual impact at your first glance. The transverse-extending design is forward-looking and makes the car body look wider; the sporty style with a lower center of gravity makes the car like the aircraft flying on the ground.

Lattice front grille

The large lattice front grille, together with the transverse chromed molding, brand new headlamps and large-sized LED daytime running lamp, multiplies the visual impact of front face.

Matrix-type LED taillight

The 3D sculptured matrix-type LED light sources blend in well with the traverse central chrome-plated molding at the rear end. This innovative design not only increases the visual width, but also echoes well with the design of the front face.

H.D.S body line

The body is designed with sleek lines, like a young flying figure. The fastback body design contributes to the Fastback sleek roof line which is integrated with the complete car,allowing a drag coefficient down to 0.28.

Ultra-wide angle electric folding rearview mirror

The ultra-wide angle rearview mirror is integrated with multiple functions including car locking, automatic folding, automatic defrosting and LED turn signal lights, showing strong sense of science and technology.

17-inch diamond-type cutting wheel hub

The unique diamond cutting process brings about a sharp mirror blade effect, and highlights the extraordinary sport gene of the car.


Future-wing floating instrument panel

The German Bauhaus design style is applied to interpret the beauty of balance and simplicity of the Future Wing, and the slush-molding instrument panel has delicate texture and is touched soft

Ice-blue ring shadow ambient light

The surrounding cockpit with ice-blue ambient light creates an interior environment full of sense of technology.

Leather seat

Leathers are applied in the car for wrapping of interior trims, with a coverage high up to 65%. The leather provides not only an excellent visual effect, but also a superb touch effect due to its soft texture. Leather seat Spacious ecological cabin, allowing you to embrace a high quality life The overall

Spacious and comfortable space

The overall dimension of ARRIZO6 is 4710mm×1825mm×1490mm,which is the largest among the products of same class, and allows a largest rear legroom of 930mm wide in its class, bringing about spacious and comfortable experience for occupants.

570L super large trunk

The trunk has a depth up to 1085mm, a maximum width of 1330mm and a height of 530mm, large enough for you to load large luggages when traveling or visiting friends.The built-in trunk light makes load accessing easier at night.

NVH – quiet space

After repeated NVH engineering and optimization in body structure, suspension, tires and acoustic package and adjustment in various road conditions, the noise and vibration are suppressed from the origin, isolating all the possible outside noises from you.


1.5T high-efficiency engine

The engine has a thermal efficiency up to 37.1%, a maximum horsepower of 147Ps and a peak torque of 210N.m. The engine is integrated advanced technologies that increase the acceleration response by 35% and reduce the 100km fuel consumption down to 6.4L, enabling the driver to enjoy a high rpm driving without the worry on fuel consumption.

Latest high-efficient 9-speed CVT25

The latest 9-speed CVT has a maximum torque of 280 N.m and a transmission efficiency of 92.5%, The manual gearshift mode enables you to simulate the 9-gear manual shifting effect. and by virtue of its perfect matching with the power system, it providesfavorable power output, high reliability, smooth gearshift and high fuel economy.

Germany Bentler chassis adjustment

The sturdy and robust high-performance chassis provides excellent vibration filtering effect and stable maneuverability, defining a new level of driving quality in its class. It plays very well both on winding road and in daily driving.

ECO + SPORT modes

The ECO/SPORT modes can be switched by the button on the central control screen to cater to the driving demands of different drivers. The ECO mode provides moderate power and optimum economy. In SPORT mode, it takes only 4s to accelerate from 0km/h to 60km/h, and 9s to accelerate from 0km/h to 100km/h, bringing you with passionate acceleration experience upon the moment of start.


Bosch ESP9.3

Functions including TCS +ABS+EBD+HHC are integrated to automatically monitor the running status of the car in real time, and once the car is in such a dangerous status that it deviates the specified track due to understeering or oversteering, ESP will send command to TCS, ABS, EBD and other security functions to intervene in the corresponding wheels to eliminate or mitigate the danger.

High-strength cage-type body

Cage body design protect drivers and passengers safety for 360 degree. High-strength steel applied on vehicle above 60%.Super high-strength thermal-forming steel is applied in left and right A columns and B columns, anti-collision plate inside frontal doors, etc. The maximum effective yield strength of the steel reaches 1500Mpa.

6 Autoliv airbags

Autoliv is a world top 500 brands and enjoys reliable quality.The 6 airbags provide wide range of protection for occupants,and the secondary release function of the airbag eectivelyreduces injury from airbag, building multiple safeguards for your driving.


7-inch multi-function LCD instrument panel

The instrument panel is applied with the CD drawing technology and decorated with chromeplated garnishes, and the style of scales is inspired from the Patek Philippe watch, which exude the exquisite watch element. The 7-inch irregular color screen has three themes full of sense of science and technology, and provides such information displays as temperature, fuel consumption, monitored tire pressure, shift reminder, and fault alarm.

8-inch A/C LCD touch screen

The A/C panel is crafted with the IML technology, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the cockpit; and after the backlight is switched off, the piano black effect fuses integrally with other interior trim elements. The A/C panel is interlinked with the central control screen for dual screen display, and its capacitive touch control brings about experience of high

Mirror link

The interface of mobile phone can be simultaneously mapped to the 9-inch display screen via a USB cable for bidirectional operation. You can map the navigation interface on the mobile phone to the display screen for convenient use during outings. The system supports Android phones and iPhones.

360° around-view monitor

The four 180° wide-angle cameras on front, rear, left and right sides of car provide all-round views of the car and truly realize blind spotfree parking and aerial view of real driving environment, making turning, parking and aisle meeting easier.

Keyless entry/Push button start

The keyless entry and keyless locking function based on the intelligent sensing technology has a safety performance superior to traditional immobilizer system, and makes your driving more comfortable and convenient. If the push button start is pressed down with brake pedal not depressed, you can perform controls to the lights and A/V units. If the push button start is pressed down with brake pedal depressed, the engine will be started, bringing for customers a new convenience experience.